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Our Specialties



In order to bring the beauty of the tree into our homes, one must have an understanding of it’s spirit. Solid wood breathes, moves, and lives as furniture, just as it does out in the world. This is why we try our best to source our wood locally. Some of the most beautiful lumber is found in Texas. Our hardwoods are sustainably sourced, and are kiln dried down at our sawmill near Leakey, TX. Exotic woods are also available upon request.


Having an idea in your head can be difficult to get out. Being able to see your vision come to life gives you assurance that your masterpiece is exactly that. Each project is sketched up and drawn into a CAD file, so you can be confident that your dream will become the reality you choose.



Anything can be made, from bowls to bar tops. Right Hand furniture works with the natural tendencies of the wood. Each board is unique, so every item will be born with it’s own life and personality. With a mix of traditional and modern build methods, each piece will be sure to cherished for years to come.

How We Work

Each of our custom piece goes through our process, from start to finish


Initial Inquiry

Start with telling us a bit about what you are looking for. If you are not sure yet, send us any questions or ideas you may have.


Rough Draft

You will recieve a response where we can establish the materials, measurements and other needs of your project.


Design & Approval

A visual representation of your product will be made to ensure it's your dream and defined. Final price and timeline will then be given.


Production & Deliver

Your project will be built the Right way according to agreed specifications. Delivery and install of your prodcut makes the dream come true.

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